Gold Mannequins

Gold Mannequins

Gold Mirrored Display Mannequins

We have gold mannequins for your store or retail space. Consider a male gold mannequin, female gold mannequin or child gold mannequin for that eccentric, unique look. 

A gold mannequin has stunning gold finishes to make it appear regal and expensive. Any merchandise modeled by your golden mannequin will catch the eye of all customers and passers by. Whether you are a high-end store or not, these affordable gold mannequins can enhance the perceived value of your merchandise and liven up your display space.

These mannequins come with a sturdy base and can easly be assembled and re-assembled for dressing.

Our gold mannequins feature a solid mirrored egg-headed gold face with no facial features. Whether you choose a child, male or female gold mannequin, each one has the ability to enhance to look and feel of your store and display.

This affordable investment of a golden mannequin is sure to be an asset to your mannequin inventory.

Male                            73.5"H       34"Hip          38"Chest           28.5"Waist

Female                        72"H          32"Hip          33"Chest           25"Waist


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