Universal Wire Shelves

These POP universal slanted shelves are perfect for any type of merchandise. Use these shelves for anything from candy to shoes. Fits Slatwall, Pegboard, & Gridwall. The 2’’ front lip keeps merchandise from falling off while making your merchandise more noticeable. All shelves have a black finish with the application to fit multiple display needs. Use these shelves individually or tier them to create a unique point of purchase display.

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Universal Slanted Shelf 8'' x 46''
SKU: 5665B
Universal Slanted Shelf 10'' x 23''
SKU: 5670B
Universal Slanted Shelf 10'' x 46''
SKU: 5675B
Universal Slanted Shelf 12'' x 23''
SKU: 5680B
Universal Slanted Shelf 12'' X 46''
SKU: 5685B

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