3D Slatwall Installation Instructions

3D Slatwall Installation Instructions


*You will need at least 2 inch wood grabber screws (8 per panel); One electric drill with 1/8 inch drilling bit, and one Philips head driving bit; One hand held stud finding device; One contractors level; Optional- One chalk line; Optional- Liquid screws; Optional- Electric saw

1) Find and mark studs in the wall: use a hand held stud finding device.

2) If you do not have studs, you will need dry wall anchors which must be of at least 50 lbs grade.

3) Set your first panel against the wall, on the floor and to the corner. If you have studs: pre drill holes on the stud through the panel insert (the insert is the metal inside the grooves) and then secure panel with 2 inch + Grabber Screws, four per insert every other insert.

4) If there are not at least 4 studs per panel, you must: pre drill the panel on the wall where the stud is missing, remove the panel and insert wall anchors, replace panel and secure it to the inserted wall anchors.

5) When installing panels on top of each other be sure to place a metal insert between the two panels as this will insure correct spacing and optimal holding capacity.


If the target wall space is more than 8 Feet wide, you may choose to stagger your seam for a more realistic look.

1) Cut panel length in half.

2) Alternate cut panels with full length panels to create a staggered seam.

3) Put only finished ends to finished ends and cut ends to cut ends.

4) Each cut end needs to be long enough to be secured to at least two studs.

Un-level Floors:

If the floor space in your shop is not level, you cannot use it as a rest for the first panels to be installed.

1) Place your Contractors level, on your floor space to determine if floor is level.

2) If the floor is not level use a chalk line and mark a level base line near the bottom of your wall as a guide for your panel.

3) Hold the bottom of the panel on the marked base line and attach to the wall (see above for detailed list of instructions on securing panels)

Filling the Top Gap:

If there is a gap between the top of the wall and the installed panels below that is less than 2 feet wide you will need to cut a slat-tex panel down to fit into the gap.

1) Measure the gap at the top of the wall, if it is an even gap make a rip cut down the panel to the width of the gap.

2) If the gap is not even an even width, measure both ends of the gap, use measurements to make a mark on each end of the panel, then scribe a line on the back of the board between both marks.

3) Cut board along the scribed line to make the panel fit in the gap.