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Aisle Gondola Builder - Black Metal Gondola Double Sided Units

Customize your own Gondola Aisle Sections. 

Gondola Aisle Units are double sided sections. Each section includes 2 base deck shelves, upper shelves are sold separately. Sections are 48"W (choose your height

How to build your gondola aisles: Example ( Need, 4 runs : 12 feet long = 4 Starters + 8 Add-Ons ; 1 starter for each run needed:4, and 2 additional sections per run to make 12 feet: 4x2=8 add-ons.)

  • Step 1: Select your STARTER units
    • Starter units are free standing units with the parts needed to complete a section/run.
    • When choosing your starter units add quantity 1 for each aisle you plan to have.
  • Step 2: Select your ADD-ON units
    • Add ons only come with one post and can only connect to an existing section. 
    • When selecting your add ons determine your length needed and divide by 4, your add-ons will be that number (-) 1 for the starter unit. 
  • Step 3: Optional End Cap Units
    • End Caps are great additions to the end of an aisle. 
    • 3' W sections with base deck shelf included. 
    • All End Caps include a solid back panel. 
  • Step 4: Add Upper Shelves
    • Choose the quantity you need per section and multiply that Xs the number of total sections you have. 
  • Step 5: Choose your backs. Peg Board or Solid Backs available. 


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