Smoke Shop Display Cases

2-in-1 Counter - Combo Counter - Full Vision with Register Stand
SKU: 2-in-1 Counter

As low as $380.00

Barnwood Full Vision Showcases
SKU: Barnwood Full Vision Showcases

As low as $275.00

black full vision showcases
SKU: Black Full Vision Showcase

As low as $275.00

ledgetop showcase
SKU: Black Ledgetop Showcases

As low as $345.00

Black Wall Unit Display Case With Puck Lights
SKU: Black Wall Unit Display Case With Puck Lights

As low as $650.00

Deluxe Cash Wrap 24" - White with Woodgrain Top
SKU: 9305KD
black full vision showcases
SKU: Extra Vision Showcases-Black

As low as $425.00

Extra Vision Showcases-Chrome
SKU: Extra Vision Showcases-Chrome

As low as $425.00

Frameless Half Vision Showcase-Black
SKU: 10933B
 Luxury Locking Glass Tower Showcase with LED lights - Black
SKU: 9307BKD
Luxury Showcase
SKU: Luxury Showcase

From $1,299.00

To $1,394.00

Luxury Storage Showcase
SKU: Luxury Storage Showcase

From $1,599.00

To $1,694.00

maple ledgetop showcase
SKU: Maple Ledgetop Showcases

As low as $345.00

Premium 48" Storage Counter - White Sku:9308Wkd
SKU: 9308WKD
Premium Register Stand - Black With Woodgrain Top Sku:9305Bkd
SKU: 9305BKD
rustic full vision display cases
SKU: Rustic Full Vision Display Cases 9107 / 9108

As low as $275.00

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smoke shop showcases

Looking for high-quality, secure display cases for your smoke shop? Our selection of lockable display cases offers the perfect solution. Designed with security in mind, these cases come equipped with a range of features that ensure your merchandise is safe and protected. Our display cases are designed to keep your products secure while still allowing customers to easily view and appreciate your offerings. So whether you're looking to display pipes, rolling papers, vape pens, dispensary items, or other smoking accessories, our lockable display cases are the perfect choice for any smoke shop. Browse our selection today and discover the perfect display case for your needs.


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