Slatwall Display Fixtures


Our Slatwall Display Fixtures will give your store that high-end look without breaking the bank! Slatwall fixtures are freestanding floor displays that will give your store a sophisticated and elegant look. They provide multi-sided displays to maximize your display area in a compact space. They are the most popular and economical floor displays. Add even more flexibility to your slatwall displays with our caster kits! Our slatwall displays are sold individually and are shipped knocked down. Our MDF slatwall panels, with Low-Pressure Laminate (LPL) finish, 4' height by 8' width, spaced 3" on center (OC), are designed with a weight capacity in line with the general industry standard, which typically ranges between 15 to 30 pounds per linear foot. Please note that the specific weight capacity may vary based on factors such as installation, mounting hardware, and usage. Panels without aluminum inserts have a specific weight capacity, while panels with aluminum inserts offer enhanced load-bearing capabilities. While we strive to provide estimates of weight capacity, these are general guidelines and not guarantees. Actual weight capacity may be affected by factors beyond our control. We recommend consulting with a qualified professional for installation guidance and to determine the specific load-bearing capacity of your slatwall for your unique circumstances.